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March 9, 2019
My first article was quite successful, it was originally published on Her View From Home and subsequently picked up for reprints on ABC news, Motherly, and Scary Mommy. I have also written articles for YourTango, ParentMap, Moms of Tweens and Teens, Parents, Bustle, and Inverse. 


The 20 Best Mother of the Bride Gifts for All Budgets and Styles

The 20 Best Maid of Honor Gifts That She’ll Love

The 20 Best Gifts for In-Laws


If My Kids are in School, Why am I Still at Home?



How to Talk to Your Kids About Vaping

Ovarian Cancer: Early Detection And New Research

Why Is Asbestos Not Banned In America?


3 Signs Your Child Is Ready To Stop Napping And How To Help Them Transition

6 Deep Breathing Exercises To Calm And Relax Your Child

How To Get Your Toddler To Sleep: 8 Helpful Tips You May Want To Try ASAP

How to Make a Smooth Transition From Co-Sleeping to Crib

A Simple Guide to Sleep Meditation for Kids

The Definitive Guide To Sleep Training Your Baby

The Complete Guide To Sleep Regression



The Clearity Foundation Teams Up With Select Justice To Help Families Impacted By Ovarian Cancer


Here’s why I’m a SAHM—even with my kids in school

My children are in school, so it’s time to figure out who I am 


I Have to Point My What Where? A Story For All The Moms Who Are Starting Over


The Best Roller Skates, Blades & Skateboards for Every Age & Stage

22 Black Heroes Your Kids Should Know By Name

Game-Changing Organizing Supplies You Can Buy on Amazon


If My Kids are in School, Why am I Still at Home?



After the byline, writing about motherhood, parenting writers,

My Daughter’s Transition to Middle School Broke My Heart A Little


If My Kids are in School, Why am I Still at Home?


11 Inclusive Makeup Brands With Products For All Skin Tones

8 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Concealer

10 Must-Try Beauty Products That Use Coconut Oil

6 Skin Oils To Add To Your Beauty Routine

5 Ways To Soothe Your Stressed-Out Skin




Goodbye Santa: The day we said farewell to the Santa story in our house


freelance writing, content marketing,

5 Social Media Management Tools That Will Make Your Social Media Marketing Lightyears Faster

5 Things To Shop For In A Social Media Coach (Or Social Network Consultant) So You Make The Most Of Your Investment

6 Pages Therapy Websites Need So They Are Client Friendly And Accessible

The Complete Guide To Blogging For Counselors, Healers & Health Care Practitioners

What The Best Therapist Websites Have In Common + Tips To Fix Your Own

What Is A Niche & Why Knowing Your Niche Will Simplify Your Blogging And Content Marketing Strategy

How SEO & Social Media Marketing Work Together To Create The Greatest Online Results

An Introductory Guide To SEO For Counselors (And Other Healers Who Work In An Office Setting)

How To Write Valuable Blog Posts For Your Therapy Or Healing Business

8 Reasons Why Blogging Is Important To Your Service-Based Business

How To Use Facebook To Grow Your Therapy Or Coaching Business

What’s The Best Way To Use LinkedIn If You’re In A Counseling, Coaching Or Healing Business

How To Use Instagram To Attract Clients To Your Healing Business

13 Hashtags That Work Incredibly Well On Instagram For Getting You Noticed & Followed

Should You Create An Online Course Or Is It A Waste Of Time & Money?


Weed Killer on Your Breakfast Table?


6 Important Lessons To Teach Your Kids About Money

6 Tips For Raising Grateful Kids Who Give Thanks Year Round



10 Items That Are Worth The Splurge

Pajamas For Women: The Best Types Of Women’s Pajamas For Women Over 40

The Best Pieces From The Ralph Lauren Summer 2018 Collection


Writerly Roundup – January 2019

Writerly Roundup – November 2018



The 4 Best Estée Lauder Double Wear Alternatives

The 6 Best Dyes For Dark Hair

The 5 Best Elevated Dog Bowls

34 Products That Make Having A Pet 10x Easier

37 Genius Pet Products That Must Have Been Invented By A Dog Whisperer

The 5 Best Stainless Steel Dog Bowls

The 5 Best Soft Dog Treats

The 12 Best Products To Keep Your Dog Cool

The 5 Best Organic Dog Treats

The 5 Best Dog Paw Cleaners

The 12 Best Toys For Small Dogs

34 Things Under $40 That Make Having A Dog Or Cat Even Better

If You’re Sick Of Being Disorganized, These 44 Products Are Life-Changing

If You Spend More Than 3 Hours A Day At A Desk, These 31 Things Are Life-Changing

39 Things That Make Your Time In The Car A Lot More Enjoyable

27 Things That Make Your Bed Look & Feel A Lot More Expensive For Less Than $40 On Amazon

26 Life-Changing Things For Your Kitchen On Amazon You’ll Use Constantly

22 Things That Make Your Closets Seem Significantly Larger For Less Than $35 On Amazon


If You’re Bored As Hell, These 49 Clever Products Are Lifesavers

32 TMI Grooming Products That Are Totally Genius



48 Really Smart Things That Are Really Cheap On Amazon

The 4 Best Dog Bowls For Fast Eaters



Three Beauty Treatments That Women With Deep Skin Should Avoid 

7 Makeup Brands Owned By Women Of Color

Do Covid-19 Masks Cause More Acne?



Finding the Right Pillow Can Be a Pain in the Neck

Our Picks for 7 of the Best Dog Grooming Accessories

Sitting Can Be Hazardous to Your Health: 7 of the Best Standing Desk Accessories You Need Now.

Here’s Why You Should Own the URL of Your Name

But First Coffee: 7 of the Best Coffee Makers

Coffee Is Life: 8 of the Most Elegant Accessories You Can Find on Amazon

6 of the Best Hair Care Products to Fight Frizz

Sleeping Solutions: The Essential Shopping List to a Better Night’s Rest



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